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>> he was let go by mistake and now is back in custody. the sheriff tells us how they caught up with a convicted murderer who never should have been free >> live in the newsroom with tonight's top story >> steven robbins is back in his indiana prison cell tonight...and its safe to say he won't be coming back here. cook county authorities found him hiding in kankakee... two days after they accidently let the murderer go. though considered dangerous, he didn't cause any trouble in his time
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out of custody... so the county only has to deal with its embarrassment... and ensuring this never happens again. he's back in the custody of the indiana department of correction...and no longer sherriff tom dart's problem. more than 48 hours after steven robbins was allowed to walk out the front entrance of the cook county jail, authorities discovered him hiding out in kankakee. the sherriff's department received more than 100 tips that led them across the area... but they knew they had their man when they saw a suspicious character walking into a home in the 400 block of fraser avenue just before 11 last night. "someone just went into the house carrying groceries with a wig on that fit the description" this is what robbins was wearing....seemingly very comfortable in making himself at home with a man, woman, and two young children. they didn't know he was wanted...a murderer on the loose. robbins' cousin, dart says was a friend of the residents. that cousin told them someone was trying to beat him up and that he needed to hide for a little while.
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he didn't put up a struggle he was sitting in front of the tv watching a program was quite shocked to see us robbins was sipping from a bottle of seagrams...the wig he had taken off. he was telling me you don't have to put cuffs, i'm not resisting, i was explaining that not only that that is what we do but he doesn't have a really high credibility level robbins knew he was getting away with murder when he left the jail wednesday... after a court date on a warrant issued when he skipped bail on a 1992 case here in cook county. the judge ordered him released on that case only...he was serving a 60 year sentence for murder at a prison in michigan city indiana. dart blames a clerical error for the embarrassing and dangerous release. his office uses a paper system in tracking the movements of 15 hundred inmates a day. this was an anomoly to occur but nonetheless would i like o have it changed god yes so this could not occur again escape charges against him have
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been dropped. it is not worth it to bring him back again when. or more of his relatives to help him may be and some legal trouble >> another vigil today for the 15 year-old. more calls for the person who shot and killed hurt to turn himself in. the death of the girl with a promising future has galvanized the mayor police force in community into action >> no chanting... no shouting. the five block march through chicagos kenwood neighborhood saturday morning brought quiet attention to the small south side park where gunfire killed 15 year old hadiya pendelton... a majorette with the king high school band... who performed in last months inaugural parade. we make an appeal for those who did the killing... and those who know of the killing and killers.. turn themselves in. the reverand jesse jackson... among those here... 'can i get a witness' just an hour earlier, he brought families impacted by
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chicagos gun violence to his rainbow push headquarters.. including hadiya pendeltons cousin. pendelton was shot in the back and killed while standing with friends inside harsh park after taking final exams on tuesday. police believe the shooter mistook the group for a rival gang. shatira welks wants the person to be turned in.. you know your child. you know your cousin. you know your friend you know your relative. you know whos done this. all theyre going to do is do something to somebody elses child pendelton was one of 42 people killed in chicago last month. also killed in january... marshall fields hall whose mother came to march. its sad but im so happy that everybody came out for this little girl as well as my son and the other people. we have to stop.. something has to be done. southside faith leaders are now calling for not just better policing.. but a local witness protection program for those who turn others in.
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there is money available.. we have the red light cameras.. we have the blue light cameras.. wherever you get the money from... if we are really serious we must move beyond just rhetoric. and get protection for these people. and so the whole world is now watching us. reverand jackson says its now time president obama come to chicago to personall y address the violence. when the president shows up it shows ultimate national seriousness.. the presidents power gives.. without any legislation or money.. it shows ultimate national seriousness. a seriousness ecohed by welks... who says her hadiya always talked about making a difference in the world... if its going to happen.. this is the time. chicago has becoming a place where were just becoming comfortable with death. i dont want to become comfortable with death. on the southside, sean lewis wgn news. >> snow and slick roads overnight caused at least three dozen accidents in the chicago
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area. chicago streets and sanitation deployed 199 plows to clear insult main routes and residential streets. cruz hit the expressways. temperatures in this city are not expected to rise above freezing until thursday. the cold and snow were doubly difficult for some out of town visitors >> we are from florida and we do not see snow at all... >> despite the shock of the frigid weather the visitors from south florida were thrilled to see snow >> a snow plow and a car collided head-on overnight. the accident happened as the plow was trying to clear the street. two people were injured. the plow broke off from the impact and became stuck to the front of
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the car >> so how much snow did we get? ramsey is in the weather center with more >> this is the largest snowfall we have had all season... this is about the time last night chicago started picking up snow . we continue to see some flurries into the late morning ... we ended up with about 2.3 in. at the airport. last year at this time we had about 13.9 in.. most of the heavier snow was occurring to the west of
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chicago. now we are watching for systems that could produce snow this week >> a somber memorial in the south suburbs this morning. still to come, marking 5 years since a mass murder inside a women's clothing store. also ahead, several local lawmakers give their take on concealed carry laws. and later an update on a strange hostage situation in alabama that's now in its 5th day. break
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women at a lane bryant stores. loved ones gathered at the scene of the crime today >> she looked every bedding she. always had a smile on her face >> that a day goes by she does not think about her niece. she
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was one of five women shot and killed by a gunman on the morning of february 2 2008. >> i am still saddened. >> they were all taken to the back of the store that morning by gunmen posing as a delivery man. then they were shot and killed. a six woman was also shot but survived. the murder remains on the loose. >> he is still there some place . i would love to see who did this to her.
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>> as relatives of the victims gathered saturday at the vacant store forront... >> despite thousands of leads ... police still need help in solving this crime. if you of any information they would like to hear from you >> starting tomorrow... when you call the chicago police department's 9-1-1 emergency number... depending on the crime... police may not respond in person. calls to 9-1-1 for such crimes as stolen vehicles... garage burglaries... criminal damage to property... and theft... will not bring an officer to you.... if you are not in any danger and the person is no longer at the scene. instead... a report will be taken over the phone. police superintendent garry mccarthy hopes it will free-up the equivalent of 44-officers a day who can respond and focus
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on more serious crimes. >> a town hall meeting today on chicago's south side to discuss the pending federal court mandated illinois concealed carry law. the gathering at the illinois institute of technology brought out as state senator representative and third ward alderman. their goal was to explain provisions of pending legislation >> the reality is...we have to figure out how to protect our communities >> a federal appeals court recently be directed the state's ban on carrying concealed weapons and the legislators have six months to draft and pass new legislation
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>> additional economic indicators released by chicago today... have mayor rahm emanuel saying the city has a thriving and growing economy which is expected to contiue this year. in that statement... the city says one area of strong growth has been in commerical real estate where there was a 21- percent increase in downtown leasing. the vacancy rate fell to under 15-percent... down from the post-crash peak of over 17- percent. the city says residential realty is also doing great... with sales of existing homes improving to more than 14- percent year over year... and the median price of sales improving to 19-percent... to a price of 185-thousand dollars. the unemployment rate fell two- percent in december and remains at ten-percent... police in alabama say they're having conversations with a man holding a 5 year old boy hostage. next, the latest on a bizzare incident that started on tuesday. also, mystery surrounds the death of a new york woman who's body was found in turkey
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and later, the world's most famous groundhog has some good news about winter. break
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law enforcement authorities and a gun man who is holding hostage 85 year-old boy.a 5 yr old boy >> authorities say they have an open line of communication with the man who adopted the five year-old boy and is now barricaded in an underground shelter... >> he has told us that he has blankets' inside and is taking care of him. he has allowed us to provide medication alwaytoys... >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child >> he is a 65 year-old vietnam veteran who moved to this town about five years ago. the nightmare started on tuesday when the suspects boarded a school bus with a gun. he shot
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the bus driver in an attempt to protect the passenger >> i am so proud of him. he did his job. he protected those children. >> he grabbed one child and retreated into a bunker he bilkeduilt. people in the community are stunned >> it hurts >> no charges have been filed related to the standoff. >> it's all about the economy. differing views, of course in this week's radio and internet address. while president obama did get some tax increases as part of the recent fiscal cliff deal... he's also call for more. he says we need a "balanced
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approach" which includes cuts and spending. we need to lower the cost of health care... without just passing the burden off. the wealthiest individuals cannot take advantage of loopholes >> white house spokesman jay carney said this past week the president is very serious about spending cuts... as well as closing tax loopholes. indiana congresswoman susan brooks spoke for republicans today. each of the last two years the republicans have passed a responsible budget. unfortunately it has been nearly four years since the democrats
9:22 pm
last passed a budget >> she says it republicans will work tirelessly to hold the democratic majority in washington and accountable to pass a responsible budget >> still to come, police in turkey release surveillance video of a suicide bomber who targeted the american embassy. also, why vice president joe biden is spending his weekend in germany. and later, the menu is different again at next. our restaurant critic checks in to see if they're still living up to the same high standards. live illinois lotetery drawing... pick 3... 7 1 1
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pick 4... 9 6 8 5
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lucky day lotto... 2 15 13 35 24 lotto... 43 27 30 31 18 23
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extra shot number... 3 a powerful earthquake has struck the northern japanese island. the u.s. geological
9:26 pm
survey says it had a magnitude of 6.9. no reports of any injuries or major damage. authorities in japan say there is no danger of the tsunami. nearby nuclear power plants have not reported any problems as a result >> the new york woman who disappeared while vacationing alone in turkey has been found dead. turkish police discovered the body of 33-year old sarai sierra in a poorer section of istanbul. local police say there is evidence of stab wounds...but u.s. authorities say the investigation is still in its early stages. sierra was an amateur photogtahper and married mother of two children. her family says she kept in touch every day, by skype and text. they lost contact with her on january 21st, the day she was supposed to leave turkey. police in ankara, turkey say this surveillance video shows a suicide bomber, walking toward the u-s embassy on friday before blowing himself up.
9:27 pm
he's seen carrying a delivery envelope... posing as a courier. that suicide bombing killed a guard and injured a journalist. a leftist terror group claims responsibility and blames u.s. foreign policy for their attack. spain's ruling conservative popular party is being rocked by allegations of corruption. a madrid newspaper published documents showing that prime minister mariano rajoy-- and other party leaders -- received tens of thousands of dollars in secret cash payments for years. rajoy spoke out publicly for the first time -- three days after the accusations were published -- and denied them. rajoy noted that the charges are especially damaging during spain's current economic crisis -- with austerity cuts -- tax hikes and 26-percent unemployment. vice president joe biden said the u-s is willing to hold direct talks with iran. the remarks came at a nato
9:28 pm
meeting in germany. the u-s and iran have been at odds over that country's nuclear program. according to biden -- iran would have to be willing to speak to a certain agenda. iran's foreign minister -- meanwhile -- said he hopes new secretary of state john kerry will work to soften washington's policies toward iran. a number of western nations have embargoed iranian oil -- because of iran's nuclear program. nebraska's lieutenant governor rick sheehy resigned abruptly in the midst of a scandal involving four women. sheehy reportedly used his state-issued cell phone to make thousands of calls to the women -- including one who said she had a romantic relationship with the politician. nebraska governor dave heineman announced sheehy's resignation in a hastily called news conference today. sheehy's wife of 29-years filed for divorce last year -- and the calls date back four years. >> we have got eight shot it
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two years ago today... this is what we were doing... digging out from the blizzard of 2011 that started the day before.! that storm dumped just over 21- inches of snow... with winds near 70-miles per hour...
9:32 pm
especially closer to lake michigan... and white-out conditions... a true true blizzard. the biggest problem occured in the north bound lanes of lake shore drive on the north side. a c-t-a bus broke down on the drive as the snow was coming down hard. that caused a massive back-up... with motorists becoming stuck for hours in their cars. it truly was a blizzard for the record books. and today's snowfall... nothing in comparison. we had about 2.3 in.... we're looking at about three systems with more snow... you are looking at a time lapse pictures of this morning snow... notice
9:33 pm
what is happening... a little system... it will largely missed the last us... it is possible we may get some passing slurries flurries. advisories' continue to the north... in winter weather advisory to our west... noticed
9:34 pm
our computer modelsto marmite into mondaymorrow night into monday... we could see up to 4 in of snow. this number has gone up and down. the high temperature for today was 23 degrees. the
9:35 pm
current temperature is 10 degrees. temperatures will continue to drop tonight. cloudy overnight... tomorrow cloudy... high temp of 24 degrees. more snow tomorrow night. monday snow continues. >> it's like a trip through
9:36 pm
the woods and lakes of the midwest. still to come, our restaurant critic takes on the latest menu at next. one chicago suburb's special connection to groundhog day. how they're marking 20 years since a movie of the same name was filmed in woodstock. and as you saw tonight on wgn another short handed effort form the bulls. rich king has the highlights later in sports. break
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things have changed again at next- chicagos shape-shifting restaurant on fulton market. this time the team chose 'the hunt' as a theme. chicago tribune restaurant critic phil vettel says theyre once again putting out some of the finest food in the city. not everybody can eat here is very expensive... online reservations are hard to get. the restaurant completely changes its concept 3 times a year... the menu through april
9:40 pm
is called the hunt... sitting on elk antler... thin slices of bison meat you cook at your table... lake catches for fish... desserts... sassafras...
9:41 pm
i give it 4 stars... very creative >> for more on this week's restaurant text fellphil... >> hundreds of thousands of twitter users may want to consider changing their passwords. the popular site is
9:42 pm
targeted by hackers. >> will we have six more weeks of winter? checking in on a groundhog day tradition ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
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mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ ♪ fixodent, and forget it. not see his shadow today which means spring is coming early according to tradition. an estimated 40,000 people showed up >> it was also a big day for
9:46 pm
woodstock illinois. the city celebrated the 20th anniversary of making the movie groundhog day. the town is held an annual groundhog day festival. the local theater is showing the movie. children were treated to groundhog stories >> earth will have a visit from a near-earth asteroid this month. according to nasa -- the asteroid will pass inside the ring of weather and communications satellites -- about 17-thousand miles above the surface -- on friday february 15th. nasa adds that the path of the object has been calculated -- and there is no chance of a collision with us. it'll be moving pretty quickly -- at about 17-thousand-400 miles an hour -- and will only appear to be a tiny point of light in the night sky. >> it looks like we will have a
9:47 pm
few more chances for snow in the next week. jim ramsey is in the weather center with your 7 day forecast >> we do have some flurries coming in tonight... more is coming in at sunday night into monday... current temperature is 10 degrees. this is the system... it could be a couple of inches. rain/snow mix on
9:48 pm
thursday... 7 day forecast... >> another hacking attack this time against twitter... they reported a quarter of a million user accounts were compromised. they were able to access to the user names and e-mail addresses. the attack is the latest against a large sites including the new york times and wall street journal. the affected twitter uses will receive e-mail instructions to reset their passwords >> up next, a banner day for
9:49 pm
northwestern. a big win on the court and a new partnership with the cubs. the details are next. plus the blackhawks try and rebound from last night's loss in western canada. rich king has the highlights, next in sports. break hershey's is more than chocolate. it's an invitation. to stop and savor. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. you look a little lost. yeah, i'm looking to save, but i'm not sure which policy is right for me. you should try our coverage checker. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ]
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once again...the bulls were missing jokim noah, carlos boozer and kirk hinrich... this time for the second of back to back games...on the road aganst an atlanta team that was 26-19 coming in.. so...who looked tired?.....not the bulls.... derek still working on his comeback...but the bulls did not need one against the lethargic hawks... loul deng to taj gibspon for the jam...he played 93 minutes in back to back games..had 19 points and 19 rebounds tonight... later the bulls on the break..nate robinson steaming in...he had 20....and it became a blowout... the bulls showing no signs of fatigue.. nate will find deng for the three...and it will go....luol had 25...and the bulls pull off an impressive victory...93- 76...they are now 29 and 18. jamall mayers playing in game
9:53 pm
number 900 in his career...the hawks at calgary trying to shake off two straight shootout losses...ray emery in the cage tonight and he was under fire but he stops the long range shot and then the was scorelss but not punchless.. brandon bolig gets hooked up with barrett jackman....and the fight is on....the game now at the end of calgary... tied at zero. there are reports that northwestern will play another football game..or series of games in the future at wrigley field...the wildcats trying to build on the success of the 2010 game against illinois.... now onto college hoops and it has been a trying year for bill carmody....he lost jershon cobb to suspension and then his best player drew crawford got hurt...carmody has been looking for someone to step up and today that man was reggie hearn. olympic hero matt grievers in the crowd to watch the cats battle purdue at welsh ryan... things falling into place early....hearn nails a 3 to key a 12-oh wildcats run to start the game... hearn later makes the curl move...and races in for the layup. ..he had 26 points...northwestern led by
9:54 pm
13... hearn later getting some help from dave sobolewski who scores on the back door...sobo had 13....the cats blocked a school record 12 shots in the game..they win...70-65 on a big afternoon for reggie hearn. you have to go out there and do what your worked hard at >> the last couple games i wasn't finding my role in the offense. today i stayed withina nd released it when i was open >> the marquee game ranked michigan against third ranked indiana in has been
9:55 pm the first half victor olaydeep scores for the hoosiers...who led by 4 in the half... now late in the game...indiana still leads... for awhile it appeared depaul would restore the rivalry against notre dame...the demons work the ball around the horn...and kamie crockett eventually gets it for a three....he buries it... depaul down one.. notre dame desperate to avoid the upset...zach august with a big hoop late in the game...falling down in the went to overtime when the irish finally sealed it... flush....he had 26 and notre dame wins in overtime.....the final 79-71....the irish now 18-4...depaul 10 and 11. loyola and green bay butting heads at the gentile center...the ramblers corale the rebound and the length of the court pass goes to jordan hicks who will lay it in...the ramblers up by 2... and led by 5 with under 7 minutes left... but green bay too much in the second half...sultan mohammed scoring on the acorbatic lay bay wins it...73- 65...the ramblers fall to 13 and 9.
9:56 pm
darrin haydar and the wolves up against peoria at the all state arena....the it was the rivermen on the move...the puck in the center of the ice to crhis proter and he buries it..... peoria beats the wolves...3-1... 2013 nfl hall of fame class was announced today: larry allen cris carter, curley culp, jonathan ogden, bill parcells, dave robinson, and warren sapp will be inducted. adrian peterson has been named mvp for the year in the nfl and peyton manning named was named comeback player of the year... and the fire has traded dominic oduro to columbus for midfielder dilly duka... finally phil mickleson continues to sizzle at the phenix open...he wowed the crowd on that gallert hole on 16.....almost acing a thunderous ovation...phil then making the birdie putt... he is 24 junder par after three rounds...falling one short of the tour redord for 54 holes....phil is 24 under
9:57 pm
par....and has a six shot lead heading into the final round. refcord crowd of 179,000 on hand in scottsdale. we have 2 brothers in the super bowl tomorrow... thank you for watching... end
9:58 pm
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[ washer and dryer sounds ] for the things you can't wash, freshen them with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light fresh scent. febreze, breathe happy. the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at ac r

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